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Water Treatment

There may be more in your water than you think. Unwanted minerals, chemical compounds and other pollutants may be entering your water supply and, therefore, your drinking water. A whole home water treatment system will help remove impurities found in your water.

Tri-State Water, Power & Air is proud to offer a wide array of outstanding water systems from RainSoft, one of the most innovative water filtration and water softening companies in the industry. Whether you need to install a water softener, want to upgrade your entire household water filtration system, or have another water treatment need, you can rest assured that we have a solution that is right for you. We have been in the home improvement industry for over 20 years and have over 40,000 satisfied customers, plus we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, so we have the necessary expertise to help you get the best water treatment system to meet your needs. Ready to find out the quality of your water? Call our Water Test Hotline at 888-577-7147 and schedule your free in-home water test.

Drinking Water Systems

No matter how good the quality of you water source is, by the time it reaches your home, it may have picked up unwanted minerals, chemical compounds and other pollutants along the way. If your water has a noticeable odor, color or tastes unpleasant, you can easily improve these qualities with a Tri-State Drinking Water System. A water treatment option we offer is reverse osmosis and is also referred to as ultra-filtration. Our reverse osmosis systems provide bottled water quality water at your fingertips for just pennies a day.

The system has a barrier called a semi-permeable membrane that works to filter out unwanted minerals, chemical compounds and other pollutants in the water. The membrane has microscopic entries or openings that allow water to flow through. Because of the small size of the openings, these impurities do not fit through. This process leaves only fresh, purified water for use in the home.

Whole Home Water Systems

Say goodbye to all the effects of hard water at your home with a Tri-State whole home water system. We have been providing our customers with technologically advanced water treatment systems, that they can depend on, for over 20 years. Every water treatment system is made to give a lifetime of superior performance and worry-free operation. We turn your ordinary water into extraordinary water. Our water treatment systems will dramatically improve a wide variety of everyday household activities, such as bathing, doing laundry, cleaning and washing dishes.

Unwanted minerals, chemical compounds, and other pollutants are filtered from your water. Removing these impurities also protects the pipes, fixtures and major appliances within your home, that can leave behind milky stains on your dishes, scaly buildup around your sinks, toilets, tub, and showers and crusty deposits in your pipes, water heater and dishwasher. Tri-State water technicians are highly knowledgeable and can help you choose a water softener that is ideal for the unique needs of your home.

Benefits of Our Water Treatment Systems:

Puts an end to dry skin and dull-looking hair
1. Rids the water of minerals that leave a chalky residue on your skin.
2. Helps prevent soap and shampoo residue buildup in your hair.

Extend the life of your pipes
1. Helps eliminate deposits that can damage pipes.
2. Lengthens the life of major appliances.

Enhance your food and beverages
1. Food and beverages prepared with treated water taste and look better.
2. Beverages will not be cloudy and the taste of foods can be improved.‍

Save money on soaps and detergents
1. Treated water creates a super sudsing action so you’ll need less soaps and shampoos.
2. Less detergents are needed for dish washing and laundry.

Benefits of Water Testing

Find the right products
Our professionals will conduct a free water evaluation in your home to determine which water systems will provide you with the most benefits and fit your needs.‍

Extend the life of your pipes
If you have questions about water testing, let our team of professionals provide you with answers. At Tri-State, you will find professionals with knowledge and experience with water testing, as well as a passion for providing the best customer service.‍

Save Money
Testing your water can save you money. You’ll know what water systems are best for your home. Tri-State will provide you with efficient and durable products that will last a lifetime. We also offer a free water evaluation to our customers!‍

Peace of Mind
You will find peace in knowing that your products are installed correctly and will last for many years.

Importance of Learning About Your Water

Personal Benefits
Water testing shows what is in your water as well as informing you of what water type you have. There are many benefits that come with using treated water, especially in regards to your skin. Water testing can help you learn if water filtration is a good option for you and your family.

Water Conservation
Learning about your water can help with water conservation. As you learn how your family uses water, you’ll learn how to better conserve water.

You will be aware of what is in your drinking water as well as if you have hard or soft water. In turn, this helps you determine which systems would be the best for your home and family.


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