How Does a Home Generator Work?

May 29, 2024

Did you feel a sense of jealousy as you drove past your neighbor’s well-lit home while on the way to a hotel during the last extended blackout? A backup generator may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but if you live in an area where prolonged power outages are possible, it may be a smart move for your home and family. Home generators, especially those designed for permanent installation, are robust, user-friendly, and require minimal interaction once set up.

How Home Backup Generators Function

Home backup generators are designed to provide a seamless transition of power during electrical outages. These units are permanently installed outside your home and are considerably different from portable gas-powered models. Typically connected to your home’s natural gas or liquid propane supply, these generators stand ready to automatically activate the moment your power goes off. This automatic feature means you won’t have to manually start the generator or switch over the power source; it’s all done for you, ensuring your home continues to run smoothly without any intervention.

Choosing the Right Size Generator

When selecting a backup generator, homeowners have options to fit their specific needs. Generators come in assorted sizes, allowing you to choose a whole-house model that powers everything in your home or a smaller model designed to keep critical systems running. This flexibility ensures that whether you want your entire home operational or just essential services like heating, cooling, and refrigeration, there’s a generator that fits the bill.

Tri-State’s High-Performance Kohler Generators

Tri-State Water, Power & Air specializes in installing Kohler backup generators, which are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. Kohler generators are available in a range of models to suit different household needs, and they not only provide peace of mind during unexpected power outages but also enhance the overall value of your property. Kohler’s generators are known for their quick response times, as they spring into action within seconds of an outage and can handle large loads without disrupting the operation of other appliances. Additionally, Kohler generators are equipped with PowerBoost technology, which allows them to start and run major appliances simultaneously without overloading the system.

Why Consider a Kohler Generator From Tri-State

Opting for a Kohler generator installed by Tri-State means choosing a solution that offers durability and trust. Kohler’s reputation for building high-quality, durable generators will give you peace of mind about your investment. Furthermore, Tri-State’s commitment to delivering excellent service means your installation and any subsequent maintenance will be handled by experts.

Ready to Secure Your Home’s Power?

Are you ready to ensure an uninterrupted power supply in your home? If so, contact Tri-State Water, Power & Air today to learn more about the Kohler generators we offer and allow our team to help you select the perfect unit to fit your needs. Don’t wait for the next power outage to disrupt your life; secure your home with a reliable Kohler generator and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are fully prepared for any power interruptions.

These folks are great! Had two whole house generators installed and both are flawless. Customer support is top notch. Highly recommend.
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Tri State Water Power and Air just installed three whole house water systems for my family. The representative that came to my home was very courteous, professional, and not pushy.
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